What is that I do?

I manage a group of nine small family wineries.
I’m involved in the production process of the wines.
We work together the nine families and myself trying to do the best possible wines.
And try to push overall the typicity of each wine region.

Philosophy behind my work

So many small wineries show dedication, passion and care and deserve the opportunity to show their wines to the world.
Words like elegance, finesse, fruitiness, roundness, harmony sound good for us.

What can you expect from me?

I can help you by offering excellent wines from different wine regions from Spain.
Dealing with me, means dealing directly with the winery. I exclusively manage these wineries.

What’s in it for you?

I can be your strategic partner in Spain.
You as an importer can save time and money having only one Spanish reference.

What kind of wineries do I work with?

Often a just a one man winery.
Always small family wineries that have their own vineyards, that control all the process from the grape to the bottle.

What I don’t do?

I do not work for big companies, big brands or big names.